How Barber Shops Can Benefit from Instagram?

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With its visual nature, large number of users, wide reach, ease of use, and other features that make it easy to find, research, and learn about brands, Instagram has become one of the leading social media tools that brands use to increase awareness and promote their business.

How Barber Shops Can Benefit from Instagram?
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Instagram has become an integral part of businesses and consumers’ daily lives.  This is especially true for hair salons and barbershops. 

Is Your Barber Shop Business on Instagram? 

If your barbershop is still not on Instagram, you may be doing something fundamentally wrong in marketing your business. Instagram is a free platform that can allow you to influence a positive user experience with your brand while also engaging with current and potential customers in your area to increase consumer interest and gain brand loyalty. If your brand is not on Instagram, you’re wasting this free, high-potential marketing resource that can help your barbershop business.

Why Promoting Your Barber Shop on Instagram is Important? 

Social media is a subtle way to reach your target market and engage with the community of which your barbershop is a part. Since barbershops flourish with repeat customers, not only can an Instagram profile help your business gain new clients, but it can also help you build more meaningful connections with people who can turn into loyal customers.

1. You can get more exposure.

Regular posts on Instagram about all the various aspects of your barbershop can be an effective way to communicate to your prospective clients about your business in an unobtrusive way that can be annoying for some users. The more people see appealing and engaging posts from you, the more likely they will remember your barbershop and share your posts with their friends.

2. You can make yourself relevant.

When you use Instagram for your business, you are also likely to post about relevant topics that relate to your profession. When you talk about important information and relevant topics, as well as your brand, people will see your account as a relevant source of information. As a result, you get a better brand image and you increase your credibility.

3. Instagram can direct traffic to your website.

Having increased traffic on your Instagram can help you redirect people to your website where they can book an appointment or they can sign up to your mailing list. This can translate to a direct increase in your bookings, sales, and repeat customers. 

Tips on Using Instagram for Barber Shop Owners 

Instagram can be a great tool to help you get more business for your barbershop, however, a lot of businesses are not utilizing this resource properly, hence they fail to see any growth in their client base. To successfully use Instagram to your business’s advantage, try to use these tips:

1. Use appealing pictures and engaging captions.

Instagram is the perfect platform for barbershop businesses because they both capitalize on visuals. Promote your works and use compelling hair captions for Instagram and the right hashtags that are specific and relevant to your location. Post appealing pictures like before and after makeovers and captivating videos showcasing your work. 

If you’re looking for new hair captions for Instagram try some of these tips:

  • Ask relevant open-ended questions like “how was your barbershop experience?” or “what’s your favourite thing about going to the barbershop?”
  • Ask your followers to tag a friend like “Tag your friend who can rock this hairstyle”
  • Do a poll like “Man-bun, so the 2010s or here to stay?” or “which hairstyle do you prefer, 1,2, or 3?”

2. Don’t sound like an ad.

Ads can be annoying and too obtrusive for Instagram users. Try an approach that showcases your services but also enriches, motivates, and entertains your followers. Try posting your work and using grooming and hair quotes for Instagram.

Here are some sample hairstylist Instagram captions you can try:

  • "Success favours the well-groomed"
  • “Sure my life isn’t perfect, but my hair is.”
  • “My hair isn’t messy, it’s just erupting with awesomeness.”
  • “When life doesn’t allow you to change anything else, get a new hairstyle”
  • “You call it facial hair, I call it awesomeness escaping through my face.”
  • “The shorter the hair, the harder they stare.”
  • “B.E.A.R.D. = Being Exceptional Among Regular Dudes”
  • “With great hair comes great responsibility.”

3.Track your marketing efforts

Measure how successful your Instagram marketing efforts are by checking the increase in your followers, likes, and engagement, and ultimately, the number of bookings you get. Keep posting regular original content and set marketing goals for the next period.

How to Use Organisely to Track Your Bookings From Instagram 

Instagram can only go as far as introducing your brand to potential clients, the question of whether they become regular customers is mostly dependent on the service they receive after booking an appointment. With more clients, you will need help organizing your bookings so you can provide the best and most prompt service for every client. Organisely can help you with that. It is an app that has free Barber Shop Appointment Management Software that can help you keep track of all your appointments.

Here’s how to utilize this effective tool to increase your barbershop’s productivity and customer satisfaction:

  • Reduce no-shows by sending out automatic email appointment confirmations that also give your customers the option to confirm or reschedule.
  • Manage employee time-offs and appointments with an easy to organize calendar.
  • Store your clients' preferences in terms of hairstyle, products, and hairstylist so you can prepare for their visit.
Organisely employs modern technology to help you manage your existing clients and track your marketing efforts. Get started by trying our free-forever plan.
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